Be responsible and keep the City Clean & Healthy

July 3rd , 2016 – Honiara, Solomon Islands – The Honiara public are advised to be responsible citizens and help keep the City clean and healthy.

Honiara City Council made the call following major events which will be organized in the City for the next two weeks.

This includes the Solomon games, 2016 Independence celebrations and the National Healing and Apology Program.

“Following major events which will be taking place in the City, Honiara residents, Provincial visitors and the community at large are urged to keep the City clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy”.

During the Solomon Games, the public are also advised that smoking and chewing of betelnut will be banned at the games venue.

The HCC law enforcement Officers in partnership with the Solomon Islands Royal Police Force will be providing security at all the Games Venue, and will be monitoring any illegal activities.

The Council will also be providing rubbish bins at the games venue for rubbish disposals.

HCC has also advised groups who are interested to set up stalls during the games to apply for a permit at the HCC headquarters.

Upon approval, there will be fees charged per day which will be collected by HCC revenue officers.

Meanwhile, the HCC encouraged Honiara residents, Provincial Athletes and visitors and the general public to behave well during the two weeks and enjoy every moment of all the major events which will be occurring within the coming days.



If you would like more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Kadiba Alu, HCC Communications Officer.

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