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The Honiara Youth Council is voluntary Urban Youth-led governing body representing the voice of young people of Honiara City. Its Vision is to encourage young peoples’ participation in the development of the Honiara City.


  1. To promote physical, mental, spiritual and social well- being of young males and females in the communities, Wards and the Province
  2. To promote an avenue for the dissemination of information on youth issues, programs and activities.
  3. To ensure youth affairs are recognized such as that relevant resources needed to support youth programs and activities are secured
  4. To administer and co-ordinate youth programs in the province through the wards and communities
  5. To monitor the youth image within the communities, wards and provincial level
  6. To create better working relationships with development partners, voluntary organizations and community youth group and volunteers
  7. To established Ward Youth Committees and Community Youth Associations/Groups/Clubs.
  8. To represent the voice of young people at the provincial and national levels.

The Honiara Youth Council was established in 2011 alongside the Launching of Honiara Urban Youth Policy 2011-2015.


  • Youth Advocacy
  • Youth Trainings/Workshops
  • Establishment/registration of Community Youth Group, Association
  • Coordination youth activities and programs in the Wards in partnership with Honiara City Council – Youth Division

To hear more about Honiara Youth Council, join or get in touch, contact the President Harry James Olikwailafa at hycouncil@nullgmail.com or harryjames662@nullgmail.com.
Or call the Youth Division number at 22496.

Postal Address – C/- Youth, Sports & Women Division, Honiara Youth Council, PO Box 324, Honiara, Solomon Islands

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