Council Markets

There are two markets owned and operated by the Honiara City Council:

  1. Kukum Market – Mainly allocated for Betel nut vendors.
  2. Honiara Central Market – This is the main venue where all vendors within the Honiara City including those residing in the Provinces can sell their produce.

How to sell produce at the Market

You only need to pay the market fee once a day; and you can display them on the tables or on the floor as long as you would like while the market is open.

You can choose the price of your goods to sell.

If you don’t sell all your goods in one day, you can pay a small fee of $17.00 to store it overnight at the market.

Only wash your goods with fresh water. Do not use salt water near the market as this is polluted and will make people sick.

Goods/Products allowed for display and sale

The Council restricts certain types of goods to be sold at the market. You can sell as much goods within your allocated area at the market, provided you pay for market fee for those types of goods.

The products sold at the market include:

Central Market Revenue Items

Approved for 2014

4-2010 Crop Market Fee
(Cabbage, fruit, etc)
4-2012 Esky Fish Fee $31.00
4-2014 Coconut Sale $17.00
4-2016 Cooked Food $25.00
4-2018 Clothing Stall $13.00
4-2020 Handicraft/Jewellery $13.00
4-2022 Esky Coconut Fee $25.00
4-2024 Esky Storage Fee $31.00
4-2026 Esky Chicken $13.00
4-2028 Firewood $18.00
4-2030 Local Building Materials $18.00
4-20524-2052 Parking Fee $7.00
4-2054 Market Storage Fee $17.00
4-2060 Empty Esky Storage $15.00

Note: These fee prices are subjected to change depending on Council decision.

Goods/Products not allowed for display and sale

Prohibited items not allowed to be sold within the Council Main Market are:

  • Any imported food, such as apples, onions or garlic.
  • Imported products
  • Soaps, Perfumes
  • Bush Knifes
  • Saw timber
  • Betel Nut, alcohol or smokes
  • Dishes and other types of imported goods other than approved by the Council’s Administration

You can only sell local products at the market.

Who can use the Market

The general public has the freedom of accessing the market at their own choice including those approved to sell.

Hiring of Market Facilities

The Honiara main market has such facilities such as

  • Conference room
  • Car parking area

These areas are designated for any interested individuals, groups and churches to use.

Contact the Council Market Division at 21306 to find out the rates for use.

To see the ordinance that regulates the Honiara Markets, click here to read the Market Ordinance.

For more information on rates and the Honiara Markets, contact the Market Division at 21306.

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