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Honiara City Council has 15 different Primary Schools spread throughout Honiara, so we can best serve the children of Honiara.

Primary School starts at 6 years old. The Academic year is the same as the National School Calendar (January to December) with four terms that are 10 weeks each.

Our Primary Schools

East Honiara

  • Ilia
  • Lau Valley
  • Mt. Horeb
  • Naha
  • Panatina
  • Vura
  • Emmaus

Central Honiara

  • Mbokonavera
  • Mbua Valley
  • Koloale
  • Tuvaruhu
  • HIPS

West Honiara

  • Mbokona
  • St John
  • White River


School Fees

School Fees Table

Sectors Types of fees
Registration Transfer in / child Parent Contribution Development
Early Childhood Education $100 $50 $800 $500
Primary (Year 1-6) $100 $260 - $500
Secondary (Year 7-9) $100 $250 - $500
Senior Secondary (Year 10-11) $100 $250 $1,000 $500
Forms 6/7 $100 $250 $3,000 $500
TVET $100 $250 $800 $500

  • Registration Fee – A $100.00 registration fee is charged per child per year at the beginning of each school calendar in January.
  • Transfer Fee – This is a fee charged to a student who transferred from another Education Authority to any HCC Education Authority Schools.
  • Parents Contribution – This is fee is Tuition only charged to Senior Secondary Students who are not under the fee free basic education policy. The name changed from School Fees (Tuition) to Parent Contribution.
  • Development Fee – This fee is charged to every student. It is to help meet the cost of any development in the school for your child’s education, such as a new classroom, ablution block, library building, staff houses, etc.

For more information, contact the City Council and ask for the Education Division at 21133/21134.

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