Getting a Liquor License

A Liquor License is a legal license that allows you to sell alcohol legally at a specified location within the Honiara Town Boundary.

How to Apply For a Liquor License

Obtain a Liquor Application Form from the Liquor secretary, Honiara City Council or you can print a form yourself by downloading it here – click here.

The application consists of one part, which will be filled by the applicant.

You must attach to your application:

  1. Obtain a Police clearance certificate for $90.00 at the Police Headquarters in Rove.
  2. A copy of a Tenancy Agreement with the land lord (if you are a tenant).
  3. Obtain a Health Inspection Report for $50.00, to be paid to the Cashier at the HCC Finance Division Office. The Health staff from the HCC Health Division will do the inspection.
  4. Obtain a Building Inspection report for $100.00, to be paid to the Cashier at the HCC Finance Division Office. The HCC planning Division will do the inspection.
  5. Sketch Plan of Premises to be licensed for operation.
  6. Prepare Eight (8) copies each of the above and return all copies to the Secretary/Liquor Licensing Officer.

All of the above requirements must be completed and attached. If one of the above is not met and attached to your application, your application will not be considered.

After receiving the application, the secretary will inform the Board Members of the Liquor Board to meet, who will subsequently approve or reject the application.

The board members shall consist of a Magistrate to be appointed by the Mayor who shall be the Chairman, and each of the following persons as members:

  • Church representative
  • Woman representative
  • Police officer
  • Business sector representative
  • Community representative

Frequently asked Questions

How often to pay Liquor license?

Liquor License are renewal annually, after the Liquor Board meets.


If I have two Liquor outlets on two different locations, do I have to pay for both?

Yes. You have to pay for a license at each location where you sell liquor, or this would create an unfair advantage to other businesses.


How much is the cost of liquor license?

The fees depends on the types of License, which is on the 2014 Schedule 2 that can be printed here [link].

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