Selection Criteria for Scholarships / Supernumerary


To be eligible for Scholarships/Supernumerary (is it Scholarships/Supernumerary or Scholarships and Supernumerary):

  1. Must serve the HCC Education Authority for minimum of 5 Years – not included years served in another EA.
  2. Must be endorsed from the School Staff Development Plan.
  3. Must not be a probationer – must confirm.
  4. Must not be someone who has just graduated.
  5. Must be less than 40 years.
  6. Must have a good record.
  7. Must not break service.
  8. Upon graduate, must serve the Education Authority for year’s equivalent to the number of years training.
  9. Those who are not recommended for Supernumerary by the Education Authority will not guaranteed employment.
  10. Those on Supernumerary are guaranteed employment.

Supernumerary Quota

This is the total amount we are allowed at any one time.

  • 8 Secondary
  • 7 Primary
  • 4 ECE

Consultation time

Tuesday & Thursday – 2pm – 5pm.

For more information, contact the City Council and ask for the Education Division at 21133/21134.

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