How to build in Honiara

For any building construction within the Honiara Town Boundary, you need to have a Building Permit and Planning Approval from the Honiara Town and Country Planning Board (HTCPB).

This is the requirement of the Honiara Town and Country Planning Act and the Honiara Building Ordinance.

These requirements are meant for Honiara to be developed in an orderly manner, to make sure the people of Honiara live and work in safe and healthy buildings.

In order to build and obtain legal occupancy, you must follow the process outlined below, or your building will be regarded as an illegal building.

If you do not follow the laws outlined and the process below, you can face a fine of $10,000.00 and your building must be demolished if changes are not made.

Before you build

You cannot start or construct a building until:

  • Application for Building Permit and Planning Approval has been approved from the HTCPB.
  • Drawings and other relevant documents have to be submitted to the HTCPB for approval at the Physical Planning Division Office.

Construction work or other developmental activities can only proceed after the HTCPB grants approval for the development.

It is a requirement that a developer must engage a registered builder/ firm to construct your building(s).

If a developer is found to have built a building without a Building Permit and Planning Approval from the HTCPB, you will be liable to a fine of $10,000.00 regardless of what type of building.

The Building Process

Once you have obtained a Building Permit and Planning Approval, you may proceed with your construction work.

A time frame of six months from the date of approval is provided for a developer to start construction work.

A construction time frame of twelve months is provided for construction work to be completed from the date of approval. The time period for completion of building construction depends on the building type. Large construction work will need more than 12 months to complete.

Building Inspection Stages

Inspection will be carried out by the building inspectors on each stage of the construction work to ensure safe development and that the developer complies with the approved plan.

  • (STAGE ONE ) – Building owner start to erect the foundation which is the first construction of the building. Inspection carried out on the foundation, footing, posts plus the beams and column base so it can be approved and then give the certificate of the building.
  • (STAGE TWO) – The wall studs and interior walls are constructed with each section of the building.
  • (STAGE THREE) – The truss and rafter can also constructed by putting the iron roofs, truss, and noggin of the building.
  • (STAGE FOUR) – Construct the plumbing site of the building which includes septic, water taps, and pipe connection.
  • (Finishes) – The completion stage by which inspection is done on all four stages of inspection.
  • (Final inspection)- can be done with the inspection from the Health Division Chief Inspector so the building can be given approval for occupancy as well.

No penalties apply during the inspection stage, but a constructor must comply with the approved plan.

Before you can Occupy the building

No one is allowed to occupy a new building until they have received an Occupancy Permit which allows people to occupy the building.

To be certified with an Occupancy Permit

  1. Building must be completed.
  2. The Council must be notified by the building owner of its completion.
  3. The Council has certified that the building is fit for occupation following an inspection of the building.
  4. A Completion certificate is provided.

Appealing a Board decision to the Minister

  • If your building application is not approved by the Honiara Town Country Planning Board (HTCPB) or approved with conditions you see as burdensome, you have the right under the Town and Country Planning Act (section 19) to appeal to the Minister (Minister of Lands, Housing and Survey). You have to appeal within 28 days from the date of the decision.The Minister’s decision is final.
  • The Minister will not entertain any appeal after the 28 days. The Minister can allow or dismiss the appeal, or reverse or vary any part of the decision.
  • Building permits after approval by the HTCPB require the Honiara City Clerk to sign the approval.

For more information, contact the Physical Planning Division at 27006/23014 or 21133/21134 extension 212.

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