Cremation and exhumation of human remains

Anyone wishing to cremate dead bodies for purpose of sending overseas will require the following steps.

  1. To firstly report to the office of the Environmental Health Division of the Honiara City Council; at the Health Division Office in the Council Compound.
  2. Secondly a payment of $5,000.00 will be paid to the HCC Cashier.
  3. All other costs will be met by the urgent or whoever is responsible for sending the body.

A certificate of certification will be issued by the office of the Environmental Health division once all cremation formalities is complete, which normally takes 36 hours.

The cremation will be carried out under the supervision of the Principal and the Chief Health Inspectors of the Honiara City Council, according to the Local Cremation Procedures.

The remains will be extracted through the highest incineration process and are adequately packed to make sure that remains will not or shall not pose any biological, chemical or physical risks to handlers and the public.

Cremation of Japanese World War II Soldier bones

The Honiara City Council offers cremation of Japanese WWII soldier bones as an agent of the National Government assisting the Japanese Embassy.

A letter will be first requested from the Japanese Embassy in Honiara in regards to formal arrangements. This is followed by an endorsement and approval for the operation to proceed. Advice will be provided from Environmental Health Division, who oversees the cremation activities, including the cremation ceremony.

This is an assistance that the Environmental Health Division of the Council as an agent of the National government does to assist the Japanese Embassy.

For more information, contact the Environmental Health Division at 28295.

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