Getting a Business License



How to apply for a Business License

You need to fill out the Business Application Form to apply for a business license.

You can get one from the Cashier at the Honiara City Council Finance Division at the cost of $10.00, or you can print it off here through downloading the document by clicking the button below.

The application consists of four parts:

  1. First part to be filled by the applicant.
  2. Second part is for the Physical Planning Division of HCC to do recommendation whether the Building is appropriate for a Business operation
  3. Third part is for the Environmental Health Division of HCC to do recommendation on the nature of the business under the Health Requirement.
  4. The last part is for the Finance Division of HCC, usually the treasurer to look through and given the approval, to the application.

The application is first to be handed to the cashier at the Finance Division, HCC Main Office.

Required documents to attach to the application

  • Certificate of registration from the Company Haus.
  • IRD No.
  • For lease or rental a copy of Tenancy Agreement or consent letter from the land lord.
  • Shareholders of your business.

If you are a foreign business, you will need to attach a Foreign investment Board Approval Certification from the Investment Division, Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour & Immigration.

How to pay for Business License and how much?

After approval, the Business Licensing Officer will create an invoice for the applicant.

The Business License fees depends on the types of Business Activities, which is on Schedule 2 Business License fees. The 2014 Schedule 2 can be accessed here – click here.

After the fees are paid, the Licensing Officer will write up a Business License. This License will be signed by the City Clerk & the Treasurer, before it can be approved & given to customer as a legal document.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to pay for more than one business license for one business?

Because you are doing different types of business activities, for example doing General Retail, wholesale, import/Export, you have pay three (3) Business License fees.


How often do I pay for my Business License?

Business License are renewal annually, every Business license expired at the end of each year.

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