How to Dispose off Residential Industrial Commercial and Bulky waste.

Residential waste

Each house in Honiara is required to provide a waste bin (receptacle)under the HCC Litter Ordinance 2009.

Waste bins can be bought from oil companies, the City Council or a hardware store in Honiara. The bin must be made of strong materials, and preferably is elevated on a platform and have a proper lid to protect your rubbish from dogs and other animals.

We recommend that you separate your rubbish to reduce the quantity of waste in your bin. This is done by sending your cans off to be recycled, putting your organic (plant) waste in compost and all other waste in your rubbish bin.

This reduces demand for our services and speeds up waste collection in Honiara for a cleaner city.

The Council provides waste collection to residences through both Council trucks and private contractors. Honiara waste collection is split up into 10 zones, collecting waste on a weekly basis and collects waste daily on the main road highway.

Waste collection will fall behind schedule if a truck breaks down or residences do not properly prepare or separate their rubbish which slows down our services.

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Industrial and Commercial waste

For industrial waste and commercial waste, it is a requirement to pay to the council a trade refuse fee and then waste can be collected accordingly.

Alternatively industrial or commercial waste can be collected through hiring a private contractor to do the collection.

All incoming waste into the Ranadi Landfill will be charge for disposal fees. The Council number to call for waste collection services is 27545.

Bulky Waste

Before you dispose bulky waste at the Landfill, it is advisable to contact the Landfill Supervisor at 27545 for instructions on safe and proper disposal.

Incorrect disposal can become a hazard and/or slow down the service delivery of the Council.

Bulky waste can include:
• End of life vehicle bodies
• Waste tyres
• Saw dust or soil
• Copra waste is not accepted as it is a fire hazard.

For more information on how to use the landfill, contact the HCC Works Division at 27545.

For more information on waste disposal in Honiara or any questions, call the Environmental Health Division at 28295.

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