Women Empowerment Services

The City Council’s Women’s Division runs a range of services to support, train and empower the women of Honiara.


Issues Awareness and prevention

We run workshops to educate and inform women about issues that affect them, and giving them the skills to improve their lives and their wellbeing.

These educational workshops cover topics including:

  • Stopping violence against women.
  • Women’s health workshop: early pregnancy, cervical cancer, illnesses and other health problems – presented with health promotion staff.


    Life Skills workshop

    We run training workshops to equip women with skills and knowledge to improve their lives, their homes and also to provide a source of income.

    These include training in:

    • Cooking in both modern and katsom styles. This includes a Certificate of Participation upon completion.
    • Dying Lava-lavas, for their own family and to sell.
    • Flower arrangement for selling.
    • Sewing, including training on using a Council provided sewing machine.

    Women’s events

    • We run annual events to celebrate and empower women and children, and to raise awareness about issues affecting them.
    • International Women’s Day.
    • International Children’s Day.

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