Dog Registration and Control

The Honiara City Council both registers owned dogs and carries out dog control operations.

By registering your dog, you make sure that your dog will not be accidentally killed in any dog control activities.


How to register your dog

To register your dog, simply come to the Environmental Health Division office at the Health Division in the Council compound, pay for the dog licence and the Council will issue you with a tag registered number and dog tag.

Dog Control Services

To manage stray dogs, the Council is currently running a simple baseline program through irregularly trapping and destroying unowned dogs, often in response to a community request.

At the moment, this baseline program is not effective and the Council is looking at other ways, especially regarding population management – to reduce the stray dog population in Honiara.

Currently there are no animal welfare organisations in the city that focuses on animal welfare and education, and there is a limited veterinary service run by a private doctor.

Among the Council’s planned upcoming dog control operations are:

  1. Enforcement of dog license fees
  2. Dog owners to pound their dogs within their respective areas to avoid them from causing health nuisance to neighbours.
  3. Community to help in provision of information on dog problems uncounted within their residential sites to Honiara city council law enforcers.
  4. Setting of dog traps to help in get riding of unwanted/stray dog’s roaming in the community.

How to help control the stray dog population

If you have your own pet dog, you can help by simply taking your dog to a veterinary doctor who will neuter you dog (remove the reproductive organs) to prevent it from having any unwanted offspring.

To get your dog neutered, simply go to any one of the veterinary services. Contact the Environmental Health Division for more information or a recommended Vet at 28295.

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