How to report Environmental Health complaints in Honiara

Environgmental Health

Environmental Health Division of Honiara City Council is responsible for all health nuisances existing within Honiara city.

Any residents who wish to report health complaints can either call Environmental Health Division on phone number 28295 or just walk in to the office and lodge your complaint.

Process of complaints

As soon as complaint is received, Health Inspector of Environmental Health Division will investigate the complaint and issue Legal Notice on the person causing the health nuisance.

If the notice is followed through and the health nuisance is dealt with, this is recorded and no further action is required.

If the notice is not complied with, a second legal notice is issued for further action.

If the offending person still failed to comply with the second Notice, the Health Officer may apply to summon the person to court.

Examples of potential health nuisances

  1. Overflow septic tank and soak hole
  2. Waste water discharges
  3. Using bush for defecation/toilet
  4. Using drains, streams and river for defecation/toilet
  5. Using open pit that is causing smell nuisance
  6. Improper storage of waste
  7. Illegal dumping of waste
  8. Improper disposal of human waste
  9. Pigs and Poultries causing smell nuisance
  10. Any development or business causing bad smell nuisance
  11. Food complaints such as food causing sickness
  12. Water pollution complaints
  13. Occupational Health and Safety complaints
  14. Drainage nuisance

It is important for the resident to keep their environment clean at all times.

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