Tree Cutting Approval


Tree cutting within Honiara helps people to clear out some trees which are too close to an electricity line or poses some forms of danger, or to make room for new buildings and developments.

No trees may be cut down and destroyed without the approval of the Physical Planning Division of the City Council.

Cutting of trees within the Honiara city boundary is governed by β€œThe Town and Country Planning (Tree Preservation) (Honiara) Regulations (Sections 27 (3) and 33). This means any person wishing to cut or trim tree(s), he/she/they must apply to the physical planning office for approval to carry out the activity.

Process to cutting a tree

Fill out an application form which can be collected at the front desk of the Physical Planning Office of the Honiara City Council.

Required documents:

  • A site plan – The map should show the area where trees are to be trim or cut/fell.
  • A copy of the FTE Registry of the site – This is to prove you are the legal FTE title holder of the site.
  • A complete application form – Can be collected at the Physical Planning Division of the Honiara City Council.

Fees are charge for site inspection, number of trees and estimated cost of the work.

For more information, contact the Physical Planning Division at 27006/23014 or 21133/21134 extension 212.

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