Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring team

Our Environmental Health Division regularly carries out water testing throughout Honiara to ensure we live in a clean, healthy and safe city.

This is carried out by our health inspectors through collaboration with the National Public Health Laboratory officers, Solomon Water, and water resources from Ministry of Mines. These members also make up the Honiara Water Quality Monitoring Committee.

If you want Honiara City Council to test the water quality of your bore hole or spring water source, then come to the Environmental Health Office or call 28295.

Types of water quality monitoring

There are two types of water quality monitoring carried out by our office.

  1. Monitoring of Solomon Water sources of water every month.
  2. Monitoring of Aerated water factories/imported water bottles

We monitor water quality provided by Solomon Water to make sure it is fit for human consumption for a clean healthy Honiara. All samples are tested at the Public Health Laboratory and actions are made if necessary to ensure safe drinking water.

We monitor aerated water processing factories and imported water every three months. This includes all ice-cream factories, ice-block and water factories. These are all tested at the Public Health Laboratory, and business will be required by the law (Pure Food Regulations 2010 insert link) to make changes if the quality is not healthy.

For further information please visit our office at Environmental Health Division at Honiara City Council. Phone our office at 28295 or the Public Health Laboratory on 38871.


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