Health Promotion

The Honiara City Council’s Health Promotion Division has a range of activities that strive to improve the health and well being of all Honiara residents.

Community Mobilisation

This activity looks at mobilising communities to take ownership on issues affecting their well being. We trained key leaders within the community setting, empowering them to participate in community projects enhancing a conducive environment that promotes self reliance.

Health Promoting Settings

The health promoting setting initiative is defined as the unifying theme for health protection and health promotion. Healthy settings are places where:

  • Children are nurtured in body and mind
  • Environments invites learning and leisure
  • People work and age with dignity
  • Ecological balance is a source of pride
  • The ocean which sustains us is protected (Madang Commitment 2001)

Activities done under this initiative

  • Conduct training workshops to create awareness on the concept
  • Conduct community profiling
  • Work through with other NGOs seeking support in terms of providing hand tools and other materials
  • Do follow ups to monitor and evaluate success of activities.

Health Promoting School

This activity looks at

  • Protecting the life of children at the school setting
  • Preparing the children for life
  • Promoting quality of life now and in the future lives.


  • Conduct training workshops on the health promoting school concept
  • Conduct school profiling or needs assessment surveys
  • Run community meetings with teachers and parents
  • Do follow ups to monitor and evaluate success of activities

Global Campaigns

Every year we have health campaigns that are also celebrated globally. In this activity we mobilised the population in creating awareness on health threatening issues and call for community participation in rallying the support by way of battling ignorance.

Finally, we research certain health issues to inform our projects and activities. We also assist students with their research work.

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