Urban Youth Policy

The Urban Youth Policy is a document of the Honiara City Council that sets out the plan and direction for young people in Honiara for 4 years. It is aimed to address the needs of young men and women between the ages of 14 and 29 who live, study, work or visit Honiara City.

Why create a specific policy for young people in Honiara?

The policy is created, because:

  • It formalizes Honiara City Council’s position on young people
  • It links youth issues into Honiara City Council’s formal decision making processes
  • It provides an avenue where young people, the community, key stakeholders and the Honiara City Council can collectively work in addressing youth issues.

When was it created?

The first Honiara Urban Youth Policy was formulated and developed in 2006; it was revised and relaunched in August 2011, with an Action Plan guiding the Council’s implementation.

The policy is reviewed after every four years, to keep up with and address current youth issues in the city.

The Urban Youth Policy aspires to promote youth agenda at all levels through Honiara City Council and relevant key stakeholders, by ensuring Young people are equal partners. Resources and opportunities are made available for youth empowerment and development.

Policy Goals

  1. Realize the full potential and abilities of youth to participate in formal and informal education, training and access to entrepreneurship opportunities.
  2. Develop a strong youth sector as a platform to participate in the establishment of a Honiara Youth Council comprised of representatives from both a ward and community level.
  3. Maximize the social development of youth by providing and creating opportunities to participate in cultural and sporting activities.
  4. Ensure young people have access to health education, providing mental and physical support for themselves and their families.
  5. Ensure young women are equally included and involved in governance, education and employment.

To know more about the Urban Youth Policy or the work of the Youth Division, please visit us at the Multi-purpose Hall, Lawson Tama Area or Contact the Youth Division on phone: 22496.

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