HCC and the Board’s role in land decisions


What is the Town and Country Planning Board?

The Town and Country Planning Board (TCPB) is the Board that has the power to grant or refuse planning applications for building within Honiara’s Town Boundary.

The Board is established under the requirements of the Town and Country Planning Act (Cap 154) and only deals with matters and issues related to registered land.

The Board has no legal right to deal with developments within customary land and outside of the Honiara Town Boundary.

Registered land outside the Town Boundary is the jurisdiction of the Guadalcanal Province Town and Country Planning Board. They also do not have powers to deal with developments on customary land.

Who is on the Board?

The Board consists of a Chairman and not less than five or more than eight other members.

The Secretary of the Board is appointed from the staff of the HCC Physical Planning Office who is usually a physical planner and shall not be a member.

The names of the Chairman and the members of the Board shall be published in the Gazette.

What is the role of the Honiara City Council?

Regulates and controls developments and construction within the Honiara Town Boundary.

This includes regulating the safety of constructions and developments on land in Honiara including new buildings, changes and new developments, retaining walls, excavations, tree cutting, fencing, and dealing with illegal developments in the City.

These actions are primarily implemented through the Physical Planning Division with assistance from other Council Divisions and/or with the Town and Country Planning Board.

For more information, contact the Physical Planning Division at 27006/23014 or 21133/21134 extension 212.

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