Eco School 3R’s Pilot Project

The Eco School 3Rs project is a pilot project funded by J-PRISM to reduce waste in schools, and promote a cleaner and healthier Honiara.Schools are invited to take part. If you school would like to join, call 28295 or download a form here for a school profile. [Insert form]

What is Eco School 3R’s Pilot Project?

A program developed by the support from J-PRISM (Japanese Technical Cooperation Project for Promotion of Regional Initiatives on Solid Waste Management in Solomon Islands).

The aims of the program is to enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers and students in environmental concerns, how they can address these issues and to change their behaviour to become stewards of their environment.

Components and Proposed Activities

Five components will be covered at the initial stage of the project,however if schools wish to expand the program then it depends entirely up to them.

Education and Awareness

The aim is to improve understanding and adoption of behaviours that will create a cleaner and healthier Honiara, through the following activities:

  • Litter awareness,
  • Field visit to aquarium arts, ranadi dumpsite, beach, river, etc.
  • Outdoor activities (Nature Games, storytelling, etc.)
  • Food &nutrition education/awareness
  • Introduce eco card: learn about an activity will result in students and schools to earn the Eco card.

Waste Management: 3R and Waste Minimization

The waste management component will focus on developing the capacity of school teachers to promote and raise awareness in schools for the minimisation of waste.

It will support schools to introduce new activities to reduce waste such as composting [insert link to compost page] or the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) or rubbish separation [Link to rubbish separation].

Climate Change Mitigation

Some of the low lying atolls in the Solomon Islands are threatened by the risk of rising sea levels from climate change. This program aims to educate schools on the negative impacts of burning waste and fossil fuels that contribute to climate change, and what students can do.

  • Tree planting
  • Stickers /notice made by students on saving energy which in turn help to mitigate climate change
  • Nature games which will be taught to students in the outdoor to help them learn about the environment.

Biodiversity and Conservation

Solomon Island is one of the richest countries in biodiversity and there is lack of or limited knowledge in schools about native species of our country, the endangered species and how we can ensure that these species do not go extinct.

Poor waste management also has direct impacts on our biodiversity as well it is important to see the linkage between the waste and biodiversity.

  • Nature games which will be taught to students in the outdoor to help them learn about the environment.

School Clean-up Programs

Many schools in town including most of the pilot schools are in need for beautification of their compounds and improved maintenance of their facilities. We hope to bring pride to the students of the respective schools

  • Each class to have duty rooster to clean the class rooms at the end of each day.
  • Cleanup day for the whole school once a week.
  • Duty rooster for clean school facilities such as science lab and toilet.

How your school can join the Eco School program

This is only in a pilot stage, but all schools are welcome to join the Eco School program.

The steps involved in this program are:

  • Fill in school profile sheet and submit it to Environmental Health office for screening. Click here to get a free form [insert link] or call 28295 for any information.
  • School survey on information received.
  • Introduction of Eco School program to schools teachers.
  • Schools establish their Eco School committee which consist of teachers,students & parents.
  • Undertaking an environmental view of the school.
  • Formulating an Action Plan for the school.
  • Implementing the Action Plan.
  • Monitoring and Evaluating action carried out (both internal and external).
  • School Exchange program (between pilot schools and other interested schools).

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