Non-Communicable Disease (NCD)


We have a program to treat and prevent Non-Communicable Diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension or gout.

NCD Clinic is located behind Kukum General Clinic.

Services provided

  • Check blood sugar level
  • Check for high blood pressure
  • Check for weight increase/loss – includes height & waist measurement
  • Advices on Tobacco Cessation (to quit tobacco)
  • Do referrals for doctor
  • Provide basic counselling, advices and education on exercise, weight management program and diet


FREE services no fee apart for medical record book cost at $15.00

Time – According to schedule except for weekends & public holidays.

Target Groups

  • People with history of known:
    • High blood pressure or low blood pressure
    • High Sugar level whether currently on medication or not
  • People who have obesity problem (over fat people) both child and adult
  • Pregnant mothers with history of high blood pressure and high sugar level
  • Patients wishing to do tooth extraction with history of high blood pressure and high sugar level need to do check-up before undergo dental procedures.

Important information for Blood Sugar check-ups

People wishes to do blood sugar check-ups must fast (Must not eat or drink at least 6 – 8 hours before check-up).

Routine high blood pressure and blood sugar check-ups can also be done at other HCC General Clinics during Outpatient times.

Kukum NCD Clinic Daily Program

Time Mon Tue Wed Thr Fri Sat & Sun
8 – 12pm OPD OPD OPD OPD OPD Close
1 – 4:30pm OPD Review Referral cases Follow up new patient – NRH Home visit Review cases Close

Key: OPD – Outpatient department.

Contact the NCD Clinic at 22321 for more information.

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