Waste Collection in Honiara City

Honiara City Council collects waste from Residential, Commercial houses, Council Schools and Clinics in Honiara. This is done through both Council staff and outsourced private companies.

Residential Collection

Residential collection is done by two different collectors, Council staff and private contractors who signed a Refuse Contractual Agreement with council for waste collection.

Council collectors and contractors are collecting residential waste in ten zones. Six zones are collected by council collectors and four zones are collected by waste contractors. Council collectors are using three compactor vehicles and waste contractors are using 3 ton trucks for waste collection.

Contractors collect waste three days in a week and should collect waste from each residence once a week.

Each residence must have a rubbish bin outside their home to have their rubbish collected. You can get a bin from the Council.

Click here to see how you can get a bin- click here.

Skip Bin Collection

Council also provides skip bins to areas that collection service cannot reach and this is done through a request by communities to council.

Collection of skip bin is done by council once a week for disposal but may also depend on when the bin is full. Consistency in collection may disturb when the skip bin truck is broken down as council only has one truck.

Commercial Collection

Council waste collectors also collects waste from business houses after the owners have signed the Trade Refuse Agreement with Council. The collection depends on how many days owners have paid for in the Agreement.

Owners of food establishments such as Kai bars, restaurants and cafeterias paid for more collection days as they generate more organic waste that gives out bad odor and have to be collected regularly.

How can I get a Trade Refuse Agreement Form?

The Trade Refuse Agreement Forms are available at Works Division of City Council and once filled in and sign the Agreement, can be paid for waste collection.

You can contact the HCC Works Division at 27545.

School Collection

The school collection service has been contracted out to a private collector who collects waste three times a week.

However, some council schools are starting to practice 3RS activities to minimize waste generation at school under the Eco-school program. As soon as they are adapted to the new concept, days for waste collection will be reduced.

Clinic Collection

Collection of clinical waste from all Council Clinics is also undertaking by a private contractor after signing an Agreement with Council. Collection of waste is done once a week on Mondays.

For more information, contact the Environmental Health Division on 28295.

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