Central Market Bus bay zoning soon.

April 26, 2017 – Honiara, Solomon Islands – With the upgrade of the road and the new bus bays in front of the central market, very soon zoning of buses for each destination will be finalized.
The Honiara City Council Works Standing Committee has held a dialogue with the President and members of the Honiara Bus Association to discuss and come up with better solutions to coordinate bus movements at the bus bays.

Chairman of the Works Standing Committee Cr. Robert Oge said this will help to ease the problems faced by the public, bus owners and also the traffic congestions.

“The National Government has yet to pass the short bus route bill in the parliament, and this is one of the issues that we hope to address in coordinating bus movements with proper zoning at the newly upgraded bus bay.

“This will put a stop to buses parking anywhere along the road whenever they want.

“Also the idea is to help ease the traffic congestion which has becoming more frustrating for the vehicles owners and the public at large,” he said.

Cr. Oge said the Honiara City Council will be working closely with the relevant authorities and the bus association to coordinate the bus routes within the City.

The Works Chairman urged various authorities to work closely with HCC to review the Transport Ordinance to best suite the demands faced today.

He also asked the bus owners who are operating their business within the City that there a certain rules and guidelines which their drivers and conductors have to abide with.
A proposed ad hoc meeting involving responsible authorities, including the bus association will be held to further discuss and have an understanding of the bus routes, zonings and coordination of buses within the City.

Meanwhile Cr. Oge thanked the Japanese Government for funding the road project and the partnership with the Solomon Islands Government through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and further applauds the road contractor Kitano for the splendid work of professionalism done.

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