The Honiara City Council

Honiara City Council

The Honiara City Council consists of twelve elected members, from the twelve Wards of Honiara.

  • Four members to be appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs provided one of the members is from Guadalcanal Province.
  • Members of Parliament who represent Honiara City.
  • The Premier of Guadalcanal Province.

The Full Council are the elected Councillors from Honiara’s 12 wards, Honiara Members of Parliament from East, Central and West Constituencies, and four more Appointed Councillors as appointed by the Minister of Home Affairs or a total of 20 members.

The Mayor

The Mayor of Honiara City is elected within fourteen days after an ordinary election from the Elected Councillors of Honiara City.

Only Elected Councillors can be nominated for the Mayors Office and they are elected by majority from the Elected Councillors, Appointed Councillors and Ex-Officio Councillors.


The Honiara City Council provides a range of services, to support our capital city, our largest city and the administrative, political and economic centre of the Solomon Islands.

The Council's income is key for this, as the funding for all these services comes from you, via Basic Rates, Property Rates, Business Licenses, Liquor Licenses, Market Revenue and other revenue sources.Many of these services are entirely funded by the City Council, but other services are co-funded with National Government Ministries, or done with support from donor agencies.These services are all implemented through our ten Divisions which you can read about here.

These services can be summarised under four main sections

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