Deputy Mayor meets Deaf Association

The Deputy Mayor Charles Aiwosuga and Management of Honiara City Council, met with the members of the Solomon Islands Deaf Association yesterday.

This follows a request made by the SI Deaf Association to have dialogue and share ideas on how HCC can assist the Deaf Association and it’s members.

The deaf community is one of the marginalized group within the society and they have faced challenges to be part of the workforce.

During discussions through their interpreter, one of the main issues highlighted is the lack of employment opportunities for the deaf people who have gone through trainings and received certificates with recognized training institutions in the country.

Deputy Mayor Aiwosuga thanked them for coming forward and share their thoughts with the Council.

“Thank you for your interest to come and share your thoughts through your association”

“Following our discussions, we will look into ways to help engage you in any job opportunities for you to utilize your skills you have learned,” he added.

“I ask you to be patient and continue to live in respect for one and other as you have all the rights like any other normal person in this country,” Aiwosuga said.

Meanwhile the Deputy Mayor further urged all business house, stakeholders and churches to help and recognize the needs of the Deaf Association and it’s members.

He added that they have the skills and strength like any other normal person despite being unable to hear or speak.

Public relation officer and Interpreter of the SI Deaf Association Lovelyn Kwaoga thanked the Deputy Mayor and HCC management for accepting their request to meet with them.

Mrs. Kwaoga said the Deaf Association has been struggling since it’s establishment and such dialogue is encouraging to have a way forward for the deaf community in the Country.

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